1st and Main Street Builders - Horrible Cust. Svc, Lack of Professionalism

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We decided to build a home with 1st and Main Street Builders in 2006. Our completion date was to be Dec. 2006, which was a timeframe of 3-4 months. During the 3-4 months, there were several days on end, and at times a couple weeks, when absolutely no work was done. We'd take trips to see the progress and there would be no new progress from day to day. That winter was a warm winter with plenty of sunny days and very little precipitation, however, nothing would be done. Then, when it would rain or snow, they used that as an excuse as to why nothing was done - even once the house was under roof.

After 7 grueling months and an inexcusable amount of phone calls and hassling on our part, our house was finally completed in March 2007. Great, right? Wrong. There were many mistakes. Every room in our house has flooring problems. Our kitchen vinyl has so many bubbles in it that we can't walk through without hearing the floor make noise. The bathroom vinyl is torn because the contractor didn't cut properly and forced the floor around a corner. They skipped things, such as caulking in our kitchen and bathrooms. There was dried mud all over the basement and "temporary" 1" x 4"s instead of drywall in the basement stairwell. Warped and sap-filled boards used on our deck. Dents in metal on our porch. Paint runs on our front door and sidelights. The sump pump wasn't installed correctly, so when we had the first bad rain storm, we had 2 inches of water in our basement, which ruined a lot of our things. The builder refused to replace those things AND didn't clean our basement floor, so it was even more dirty than before. Also, like the other review mentioned, things that we were told would be included were now supposed to be upgrades. Luckily, they made good on most of that issue, but not all.

After several months, we finally had some people come out to "repair" things. The items that were repaired, were repaired incorrectly. After they caulked in my master bathroom, I STILL have water leaking through the sliding shower doors onto the floor. The paint touch-ups throughout the house don't match the original paint that was used. The contractors left dirt and mud on my porch and saw dust in my kitchen drawers. Trust me, the list goes on and on.

Now, I've been trying to reach someone since December 2007 (now it's Feb. 2008) and have yet to have even one of my phone calls returned by anyone who can help me. The realtor for the office has returned my calls, but he's not involved with the builder's side of things. A contractor was to come on Jan. 3 to replace the shoddy flooring, but didn't show because he hasn't been paid (non-payment is a story I've heard from 3 contractors now). I've now been told that the builder has "closed the office for the winter". Ummmm...what about those of us (read as "all off us") who have extensive repairs that need to be completed? So far there are 9 houses complete in this development and, to my knowledge, not one has been done in less than 7 months and we all have a lot of things that need to be fixed.

Communication has always been a bad issue with 1st and Main Street Builders. Even though my husband and I were the customers, we were always the last to know what was going on with our home. We've been told so many lies and heard so many inconsistent stories. It's unbelievable. We couldn't be more disappointed.

Our experiences (with this builder) as consumers are completely inexcusable. My husband and I have never been treated so unprofessionally. Our next step will be to consult an attorney. We've tried everything else within our power, to no avail. Please, if anyone out there is considering using this builder, don't do it. No one in this development is likely to recommend them.

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Do Not Trust 1st and Main Street Builders

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I have been going through the long and painful process of having an home built by a small builder, 1st and main street builders. For anyone out there looking to have a home built, do not go with this builder. They lie, lie, and lie some more.

To start, our home was supposed to be done in August, then it would be done in October (without a doubt), then November, and now we are two weeks from Christmas and the house is still not done. What is more frustrating is that for the past four weeks they have had no more than 2-3 days worth of work remaining. Mostly paint touch up and putting a few more piece of siding on the front port.

They also lie about work that is not completed, saying that it is done. One instance, they forgot to put attic access in. We reminded this to the builder several times. We were told it was done, went to the house a few days later and saw it was not done. A few weeks later we were at the house and the sub-contractor was there to insulate the attic but there was no attic access. Lies like this have taken place for other things.

Another problem we had was with tile in our bathrooms. The builder's friend was used as the contractor, which we found out after he screwed up the work. He suggested a color tile, which we liked and decided to go with. He then installed the wrong color. We chose a neutral beige, he installed gold. He then tried to bribe us into keeping the gold tile and was upset when we wanted it changed.

They are incredibly hard to communicate with and you do not know if what they tell you is true or just what they think that you want to hear. They rarely answer the phone or return calls. There have been times where it takes two to three weeks to reach someone. They are also very unorganized when it comes to paperwork. We had things built into our purchase price and were later told that they would be additional charges as upgrades. Thankfully we had in writing that they were to be included in the purchase price otherwise we would have had to pay for them.

It is not just us, the home buyers, that have been lied to, they lie to the bank and appraisers as well. Two weeks ago we were told by a member of the builders staff, who was at the house at the time, that they would be finished in the next hour with the work. The appraiser from the bank went to the house the next day and saw right away the house was not done. Siding was missing from the porch, drywall was missing from a bay window, and more.

Overall, this builder is very slow, difficult and almost impossible to communicate with (although they will call you when they want money from you), and they are untrustworthy. I want others to be aware of this builder and stay far away from them. I plan on spreading the word so that others do not get put in the same situation the my family has been in almost the entire year of 2007.

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